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The Harms. Did you know that the harms caused by alcohol and other drugs in Australia account for: 4186+ deaths per year. $75b combined economic cost. For over 60 years, we have worked to inspire positive change and deliver evidence-based approaches to minimise alcohol and drug harm. We do this because we are working towards an Australia where

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Talking about drugs

(9 days ago) Many Australians take at least one psychoactive drug on a regular basis - they might take medication (i.e. over-the-counter or via a prescription), drink alcohol, smoke tobacco or use an illegal drug. All drugs have the potential to cause harm. As use increases, so does the potential for harm. Types of drug use.

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Drugs and driving

(6 days ago) Combining drugs can increase their effects and reduce coordination, impacting your ability to drive safely. 10. This includes mixing illegal and legal drugs, as well as combinations of legal drugs including drinking alcohol while taking over-the-counter or prescription medication. Some examples include mixing alcohol with MDMA, or cocaine with

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The role of drug education in schools

(1 days ago) Evidence-based drug education has a role to play in preventing or delaying the use of alcohol and other drugs by young people. The later that use happens and the less frequent it is, the better an individual’s health outcomes are likely to be. However, education alone won’t overcome the influence of media, advertising, music, online

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Alcohol and other drug use in the family

(7 days ago) Alcohol and other drug use in the family. With changing coronavirus restrictions across Australia, including schools being closed and families self-isolating together at home at times, there are challenges to consider if you or a family member is using alcohol or other drugs. Children and young people are influenced by what they see and hear.

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Mixing alcohol and other drugs

(3 days ago) Risk of accidents and overdose. Stockpiling illicit drugs can lead people to use more regularly and use higher doses than usual, increasing the risk of accidents, injuries and overdoses. There are also concerns, due to availability of some chemicals and products, that drugs could contain adulterated, harmful ingredients and have extra potent

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Supporting someone through recovery

(8 days ago) And, we know people use alcohol or drugs for different reasons. Some people might do it for relaxation, fun or curiosity – others might do it to help deal with physical pain or manage feelings related to grief, loss, anxiety, stress or trauma. 2 . It’s often difficult for someone to recognise they’ve become dependent on a substance.

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More resources and support services

(8 days ago) Telephone services and support. ADF's DrugInfo 1300 85 85 84. Alcohol & Drug Information Service (ADIS) 1800 250 015. Family Drug Support 1300 368 186. Stimulant Treatment Line 02 9361 8088 (Syd) 1800 101 188 (NSW)

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COVID-19 research projects

(9 days ago) The impact of COVID-19 on harm reduction and AOD services. Researchers at UNSW Sydney are conducting a project aimed at assessing the impact of COVID-19 on harm reduction and AOD services for people who use or inject drugs. The research project is looking for staff or stakeholders at a harm reduction or AOD treatment service, who would like to

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Changing your drinking habits

(Just Now) There is plenty of information and support available for you to take charge of your alcohol consumption. For reliable and up-to-date information about alcohol and other drugs, call the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s DrugInfo line on 1300 85 85 84 or email [email protected]

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Coping with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

(2 days ago) As the social restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic unfold, the potential for harms associated with alcohol and other drugs may increase. Some people may find themselves drinking or using substances more to cope with anxiety, negativity, stress and our changing environment. To help people stay as safe as possible, you’ll find a range of helpful information and links from this page.

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Alcohol and other drug use, and homelessness

(2 days ago) Alcohol and other drug use, and homelessness. Homelessness in Australia has been steadily rising in recent years with reports showing that roughly 105,237, or 1 in 200 Australians are currently homeless on any given night. 1 This is a 4.6% increase on the 2011 census data 2.

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Decriminalisation in detail

(6 days ago) Decriminalisation in Australia. Decriminalisation of drug use and possession is not new in Australia. South Australia (SA) was a world leader when it decriminalised cannabis in 1987, introducing an option to pay a fine instead of receiving a criminal charge. 11 An analysis of cannabis use in SA between 1985 and 1993 found that the

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Support for people who use alcohol and other drugs

(1 days ago) The recent coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in widespread action by governments to reduce the spread of the virus. While physical distancing and staying at home are key steps to slow the spread of coronavirus, some people who use or are experiencing a dependence on alcohol and other drugs, might face additional challenges and harms as a result of these …

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Why do people use alcohol and other drugs

(Just Now) Availability can be a major factor determining whether people use a specific drug. The greater the level of supply of a drug in a society, the more likely it is to be used, and the more likely people are to experience problems with it. 11 The widespread availability of alcohol is one of the reasons it is the most commonly-used drugs and creates such significant harms.

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Stigma and people who use drugs

(6 days ago) The social disadvantage and stress people experience can lead to inequalities and impact on health and life expectancy. 1. Dependence on illegal drugs has been ranked as the most stigmatised health condition globally, with alcohol dependence ranked as the fourth most stigmatised. 2. A person who has a dependence on alcohol and other drugs can

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Translated resources – information in your language

(3 days ago) If your first language is a language other than English, there are translated resources available to you. These cover general COVID-19 (coronavirus) information, information about alcohol use, a guide to supporting a loved one who may be using alcohol or other drugs and information about crystal methamphetamine (ice).

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Isolation and relapse

(4 days ago) Isolation and relapse. The coronavirus pandemic may pose a challenge for anyone in recovery from an alcohol or drug dependence, when accessing the usual support services may be more difficult due to changing restrictions. If your state is experiencing social distancing measures, there is an increased risk of people using drugs alone as they may

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Staying safe when partying

(2 days ago) Limit caffeine use. Some drugs may contain caffeine, having too much caffeine can cause heart problems, so avoid drinking large amounts of coffee or energy drinks when taking drugs. Ecstasy, dehydration and overheating. Ecstasy is commonly taken at dance parties, festivals or nightclubs. In these environments, people may engage in energetic

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