Chapter 15 Drugs.docx

Chapter 15.2: Medicinal drugs Antibiotics Antibiotic: a medical drug that kills bacteria and stops them from reproducing, it can protect us from many harmful bacterial infections (such as …

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Notes 3_ Drugs .docx

(1 days ago) Module 25 Notes 3: Drugs: Psychoactive Drugs: chemicals that change perceptions and moods. Many of us use psychoactive drugs without it becoming a Substance Use Disorder. Coffee, …

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Chapter 2 Drugs and the Body.docx

(5 days ago) 1. First- pass effect- Oral drugs are delivered to stomach and than the portal veins deliver these absorbed molecules into the liver. Liver enzymes break the drug into metabolites, some of …

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Copy of Drugs Terms.docx

(2 days ago) Tobacco, Alcohol, and Illegal Drugs Terms Tobacco Addiction – A physiological or psychological dependence on a substance or activity. Nicotine – The addictive drug in cigarettes. Stimulant – …

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(8 days ago) HOW DRUGS MOVE THROUGH THE BODY Once the drug has been administered, it can act in different ways: by substitution (substituting a substance that is lacking in the body), by …

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Chapt 3 . Sec 8 Effects of drugs.docx

(7 days ago) Access - If parents drink or abuse drugs , you may have access to them at home Pressure - If siblings abuse drugs , you may feel pressure to try them Stress - You may abuse drugs to …

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Drugs and Crime Con Law.ppt

(9 days ago) DEFINITION OF TERMS Substance/drug abuse Use of pharmacological substances for purposes other than a medically defined reason Drug dependence/addiction A craving for the drug, an …

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(5 days ago) EFFECTS DRUGS HAVE ON SPORTS 5 or ISO REMCO, is the second. Additionally, only a small number or number of prohibited constituents have threshold values for which …

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[Solved] When do people start using drugs

(7 days ago) A stronger engagement with drugs has also been linked to drug usage beginning in late childhood or early adolescence, according to the findings of many studies. It is essential to …

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Drugs cause mutations, so why do we still consume them

(Just Now) Some drugs, such as antibiotics, are essential for treating infections. Others, such as cancer drugs, can be life-saving. Still others, such as recreational drugs, may be taken for their …

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(5 days ago) Scheduled Drugs and Poisons Page 2 of 5 Occupational Health & Safety Division February 2017 v5 S4 drugs should be recorded on the Schedule Drug Usage Log Form which maintains …

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Give me 6 slogans about Drugs or Drug Education

(8 days ago) Drugs can be used safely in moderation, according to some people, while others think they are dangerous and can cause addiction. However, most individuals concur that medications …

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Factors Influencing Responses to Drugs.docx

(4 days ago) Factors Influencing Responses to Drugs A. Body Weight and Composition-If we give the same dose to a small person and a large person, the drug will achieve a higher concentration in the …

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Therapeutic and Pharmacologic Classification of Drugs.docx

(9 days ago) Scheduled drugs are classified according to their potential for abuse: Schedule I drugs have the highest potential for abuse, and Schedule V drugs have the lowest potential for abuse. …

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[Solved] Discuss 3 drugs

(6 days ago) Drugs of abuse cause a surge of dopamine in the NAcc, which leads to feelings of pleasure and euphoria. With repeated use, these drugs can hijack the reward system and cause …

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O sustained release drugs allow drugs to be released

(3 days ago) o Sustained release drugs:allow drugs to be released slowly over time, rather than quickly, like conventional tablets. o Size of drug particles: smaller the particle, faster the onset. Drug …

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Psychotropic drugs

(Just Now) Chapter 11: Psychotropic drugs Learning objectives To learn the classes of drugs that alter psychogenic behavior or promote sleep To learn the uses and varying actions of these drugs …

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Inducement drugs these are drugs that change ones

(Just Now) 3. Inducement drugs: These are drugs that change one’s looks and behaviour and make one do things they could not do ordinarily. Sex workers, destitute, armed robbers, are those who …

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