Prescription drugs

Drugs and medications that, by law, require a prescription. Resources. About the Affordable Care Act; Regulatory and Policy Information; For Navigators, Assisters & Partners; For Agents & …

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Brand name (drugs)

(3 days ago) Brand name (drugs) A drug sold by a drug company under a specific name or trademark and that is protected by a patent. Brand name drugs may be available by prescription or over the counter.

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Getting prescription medications

(9 days ago) Call your insurance company or visit their website to find out whether your regular pharmacy is in-network under your new plan and, if not, what pharmacies in your area are in-network. You …

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Understanding your Marketplace prescription drug coverage

(2 days ago) May 7, 2020. All Marketplace plans cover prescription drugs. Fill any prescriptions you got from your doctor and take them as directed. Here are 3 things to know about filling …

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Brand Name (Drugs)

(7 days ago) Learn about brand name drugs by reviewing the definition in the Glossary.

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Prescription drug coverage

(3 days ago) A federal government website managed and paid for by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21244.

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Preventive care benefits for adults

(Just Now) Blood pressure screening. Cholesterol screening for adults of certain ages or at higher risk. Colorectal cancer screening for adults 45 to 75. Depression screening. Diabetes (Type 2) …

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Preventive health services

(1 days ago) Getting Coverage. Most health plans must cover a set of preventive services — like shots and screening tests — at no cost to you. This includes plans available through the Health …

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Mental health and substance abuse health coverage options

(5 days ago) Mental and behavioral health services are essential health benefits. All plans must cover: Behavioral health treatment, such as psychotherapy and counseling. Mental and behavioral …

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Health Care Options, Using a Flexible Spending Account FSA

(8 days ago) Get complete information on Flexible Spending Accounts from the IRS. FSAs are limited to $2,850 per year per employer. If you’re married, your spouse can put up to $2,850 in an FSA with …

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See Benefits of Health Insurance Through

(1 days ago) Prescription drugs; Additional coverage. There may be additional benefits of health insurance through the Marketplace, like plans that offer dental and vision coverage, and …

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Essential health benefits

(2 days ago) Essential health benefits. A set of 10 categories of services health insurance plans must cover under the Affordable Care Act. These include doctors’ services, inpatient and outpatient …

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Donut hole (Medicare prescription drug)

(4 days ago) Most plans with Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D) have a coverage gap (called a "donut hole"). This means that after you and your drug plan have spent a certain amount of …

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Out-of-pocket maximum/limit

(4 days ago) Out-of-network care and services. Costs above the allowed amount for a service that a provider may charge. The out-of-pocket limit for Marketplace plans varies, but can’t go over a set …

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How to prepare for your doctor’s appointment before you go

(5 days ago) You can avoid any surprises before your appointment by taking the time now to learn which services in your plan aren’t subject to your health insurance. deductible. The …

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Medicare prescription drug donut hole

(4 days ago) Most plans with Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D) have a coverage gap (called a "donut hole"). This means that after you and your drug plan have spent a certain amount of …

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What are the benefits of enrolling in HDHPs & HSAs

(5 days ago) For calendar year 2022, these amounts for HDHPs are: Minimum deductible (The amount you pay for health care items and services before your plan starts to pay) Maximum out-of-pocket …

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