Dealing with Drug Shortages

While many of the drugs for which shortages have occurred are used in hospitals for surgery, emergency care or cancer treatment, there have been dozens of shortages for prescriptions …

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Addressing your patients’ concerns about drug prices

(Just Now) The #1 issue was making drugs for serious diseases affordable. The #2 issue was lowering the cost of prescription drugs. Based on significant price increases on some drugs and frequent …

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The Pharmacist’s Role in Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse

(8 days ago) Findings from the 2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimate that 6.1 million persons aged twelve or older used prescription-type psychotherapeutic drugs — pain relievers, anti …

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Many customers don’t have the best drug plan

(3 days ago) Pharmacies can help patients win by providing access to the drugs that patients need, and patients may save significant amounts of money and lower their out-of-pocket costs. And …

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Build Your Business with Specialty Medications

(9 days ago) The number of specialty drugs on the market grew from 10 in 1990 to more than 300 in 2012. 8 Further, in 2013, 70% of the new drugs that the Food and Drug Administration approved were …

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What Pharmacy Customers Really Want

(8 days ago) In fact, a whopping 34% of the participants in the AccentHealth survey say they rely on multiple pharmacies. They cited location, cost, medication availability and urgent needs as the top …

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What’s Hot in the Pharmacy Front End

(5 days ago) While the gross margin on prescription sales may be about 23% or lower in an independent pharmacy, the gross margin on front-end sales can be 38%. 1 At a chain store the numbers …

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5 simple ways to protect your pharmacy from theft

(2 days ago) In one case Pharmacists Mutual cites, a thief was able to smash glass to enter a pharmacy, hop a counter and pry open a cabinet in 32 seconds to reach $25,000 in drugs. Know the local risks. …

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7 ways to cut medication errors in a pharmacy

(7 days ago) Verify oral instructions. Whether you receive a call-in prescription or phone a physician to check illegible or unusual instructions, write down exactly what you are told and read it back for …

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Becoming a Long-Term Care Pharmacy

(2 days ago) and emergency drugs and biologicals, and using a licensed pharmacist to provide consulting and dispensing services.4 The core groups of services that must be provided by long-term care …

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Learn how you can make money from med sync

(9 days ago) When Perkins Drugs began offering medication synchronization in 2013, owner Andrew Finney recognized it would be a game-changer. “It’s the most exciting change in pharmacy practice …

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Star Ratings: What pharmacists need to know

(2 days ago) Alternative therapy — This is essentially a measure of the use of high-risk medications among elderly patients, including drugs like Ambien and Lunesta, muscle relaxants, and estrogen …

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What Pharmacies Need to Know about the Drug Supply Chain …

(7 days ago) This enables consistent traceability of drugs on a national scale, throughout the supply chain. What DSCSA Is. The Drug Supply Chain Security Act is new federal legislation that creates …

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Does your pharmacy offer antipsychotic injections

(2 days ago) Administration authority for LAIs. While many states permit pharmacies to administer long-acting antipsychotic medications, some have been hesitant to allow non-vaccine injections. …

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Specialty at Retail

(9 days ago) specialty drugs have been launched include oral oncolytics, drugs for HIV and MS treatments • Growth in specialty’s gross trend. The Insights 2014 Report showed that the overall trend for …

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Starting a Pharmacy: What to Consider

(2 days ago) Based on our experience, here are five important tips to put you on the path to success. 1. Tap into Expert Advice. Find an attorney who understands the independent retail pharmacy …

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How Health Plans and PBMs Evaluate Pharmacy Performance

(7 days ago) Increasing revenue. Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare drug plans are being rated annually on their performance, on a scale of 1 to 5 stars (“star ratings”). MA-PD Plans …

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Position Your Pharmacy to Profit from Brand-to-Generic Conversions

(3 days ago) 2018: Spiriva and Lyrica. Although generics are priced lower than branded drugs, they can offer a gross profit that is up to 50% higher, at $5 to $7 more per script by some estimates. 4 Industry …

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5 Ways to Improve Your Pharmacy’s Efficiency and Workflow

(8 days ago) Place the fastest-moving drugs near the worker to reduce travel time and motion. Brainpower. Your staff can be the best source for new ideas and suggestions. Invite pharmacy staff …

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