Get to know these 5 new drug classes MDLinx

According to results from one study comparing 292 drugs approved between 1997 and 2012, the benefit-to-harm ratio (ie, post-market safety warning/withdrawals) of first-in-class drugs does, …

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10 drugs every physician should know MDLinx

(6 days ago) Prescription medications that every physician should know. Although it’s highly unlikely that any physician is familiar with all of the over 19,000 prescription drug products currently approved …

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5 common but deadly drugs MDLinx

(9 days ago) Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may account for an estimated 11% of drug-related hospitalizations—all of which are preventable. Physicians prescribe these drugs for …

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5 controversial drugs approved by the FDA MDLinx

(5 days ago) “Most drugs that undergo preclinical (animal) testing never even make it to human testing and review,” notes the FDA.. “The drugs that do must undergo the agency's rigorous evaluation …

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Popular drugs with surprising side effects MDLinx

(2 days ago) The drugs belong to a class categorized as sedative-hypnotics. After taking these insomnia medications, people have reported walking, driving, cooking, having sex, and many other …

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These drugs don’t mix with antibiotics MDLinx

(8 days ago) Here are six classes of antibiotic drugs that can interact dangerously with other drugs. Penicillins. In general, penicillins should not be taken with methotrexate, a disease-modifying …

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Debilitating side effects of commonly prescribed drugs MDLinx

(8 days ago) More so than any other antidiabetic agent, metformin is a principal cause of diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, with between 2% and 63% of those taking it experiencing these symptoms. With …

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Most dangerous prescription medications MDLinx

(3 days ago) That’s according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), and such misuse is a major problem in the United States.“Prescription drug misuse can have serious medical …

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10 common medications that cause heart failure MDLinx

(Just Now) These drugs cause stimulation of trigger β1 receptors, which increases renin and aldosterone levels. Antimalarial agents. The antimalarial medications hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine …

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Diabetes medication may be effective for weight loss MDLinx

(6 days ago) Fortunately, new drugs are making weight loss easier. And another pharmaceutical agent that appears to be on the cusp of FDA approval may prove to be a game-changer. Evaluating …

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10 prescription drugs that don’t mix well with marijuana

(Just Now) Ketoconazole belongs to the class of drugs called azole antifungals and is used to treat serious fungal infections. Adverse effects. Enhanced CBD effects include somnolence and …

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Common drugs that cause allergic reactions MDLinx

(6 days ago) Sulfa drugs. Although poorly defined, sulfa drug allergy is commonly reported. Between 3% and 6% of patients report adverse reactions, but with only a small number that are immune …

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50 existing drugs found to have anti-cancer properties MDLinx

(8 days ago) Nearly 50 existing non-cancer drugs may have previously unrecognized cancer-fighting properties, according to an extensive review of thousands of drug compounds by researchers …

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Common OTC drugs that carry serious health risks MDLinx

(2 days ago) OTC drugs do provide great benefit to the average American, according to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA). “The availability of OTC medicine creates …

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These commonly prescribed drugs may cause cognitive impairment

(6 days ago) Related: OTC drugs that treat serious health conditions Non-psychotropic drugs. Per the study, here’s a list of specific cognitive impairments associated with commonly used non …

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Most commonly abused over-the-counter drugs MDLinx

(3 days ago) The most commonly abused OTC drugs in the United States include sedative antihistamines, laxatives, and decongestants. Let’s take a look at several examples: Dextromethorphan (DXM) …

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Doctors beware: These Rx drugs can damage major organs

(7 days ago) Between 1% and 10% of those taking these drugs develop drug-induced interstitial lung disease (DILD). Studies involving bleomycin have demonstrated damage mostly affects the lung base, …

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Common prescription drugs you didn’t know could cause cancer

(4 days ago) In the current study, researchers found that oxazepam use was tied to 117 cases of lung cancer after a median duration of use of 9 months, with a relative risk of 1.54. Results could be …

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Off-label prescribing: Surprising uses for 7 FDA-approved drugs

(2 days ago) Off-label prescribing refers to the unapproved use, dosage, or formulation of a drug already approved by the FDA for another indication. It’s a legal and common practice—indeed, up to …

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