Changing the Prescription Drugs Pricing Game Medical

Cancer Drugs as a Microcosm. Some say the prices of cancer drugs are the perfect microcosm for the whole issue. The prices for cancer drugs, some of which extend lives by only a couple of months, routinely exceed $100,000 a year, and some new ones exceed $150,000.

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A Day in the Life of a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

(2 days ago) These drugs are usually more expensive and complex than traditional products and come in the form of oral, injectable, and biologic. Specialty pharma reps are the experts on these types of unique treatments and meet with medical specialists instead of primary care providers. Due to the complexity of the products and conditions, they have a

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Cannabis, Opioids, and Big Pharma: What it Means for

(3 days ago) A study done by the CDC in 2014 showed that from 2000 to 2014, nearly half a million people overdosed on drugs. The high number of overdoses is greatly influenced by the 78 Americans who die every day from an opioid overdose. The same CDC report showed the amount of overdoses was at a record high in 2014.

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Pharmaceutical Sales in the Era of the Opioid Crisis

(8 days ago) A longer process for new drugs to be approved and more rules placed on the sale and distribution of prescription drugs will force pharmaceutical companies to pass the higher costs associated with new and existing drugs onto the consumer. This will require patients to further ‘tighten the belt,’ creating more resentment and animosity toward

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Inspiring Stories That Will Empower Every Pharma Sales Rep

(4 days ago) “The role of a pharma/medical device sales representative is to educate and inform physicians and other medical professionals about pharmaceutical drugs. Pharma/Medical device sales representative visits are seen as an efficient source of drug information which includes drug benefits, features, and competitive edge,” said Lee.

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The Difference Between Pharma Sales and Medical Device

(6 days ago) According to Hertz, “Pharmaceutical sales is usually ‘detailing’ to a doctor a pharmaceutical sales product that needs a prescription.”. Also known as “drug detailing,” your job as a pharma sales rep is to detail the pharmaceutical indications of a specific drug/medication and hope that the doctor will remember and prescribe your

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How Medical Sales Reps Increase Quality Control In the

(7 days ago) Regular testing of equipment and drugs. Medical equipment can be damaged or miscalibrated because of improper use. Miscalibration or failure to use medical equipment in the right way can lead to misdiagnosis of – that can result in other serious conditions.

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8 Pros of Pharmaceutical Representative Jobs Medical

(Just Now) Life-saving drugs and preventative medicines are essential. This means the pharmaceutical industry is considerably stable. In fact, more than a decade after the Sunshine Act ( healthcare law mandating transparency of financial relationships between healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers) and even with shrinking access to doctors

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How to Spice Up Your Pharmaceutical Sales Pitch Medical

(1 days ago) Understandably, this makes these meetings boring and a waste of their time. If you want your sales pitch to stand out, you’re going to need to spice it up. Here are three tricks to try: 1. Remember that doctors are people. Yes, doctors are a highly educated group. But that doesn’t mean that every other word out of your mouth needs to be

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How to Transition from Pharmaceutical Sales to a Medical

(8 days ago) For the sales professional looking to break into the healthcare market, pharmaceutical sales may seem like a good place to start. Between ads for prescription drugs on television and seeing pharma reps in physician waiting rooms, most people have at least a general idea about what pharmaceutical sales reps do.…

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FDA Issues Social Media Advice for Pharma and Device

(Just Now) The long-awaited FDA guidelines regarding pharma and device companies’ social media activities have finally arrived – sort of. More than two years have passed since the FDA held a two-day public hearing regarding the online promotion of drugs and medical devices. The purpose of the hearing was to gather information…

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Sermo Doctors Discuss Drug Reps Medical-Sales-Careers

(6 days ago) While 78% of respondents said they use digital tools to research drugs and/or devices, 56% of that group said the digital tools have not influenced the amount of time they spend with sales reps and 21% said they actually spend more time with reps. Only 11% said they no longer receive visits from pharma reps. In other good news for pharma reps

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Top 10 Tips for Working With Pharmaceutical Sales

(3 days ago) The easy drugs, the low-hanging fruit per se, have already been discovered and are already represented quite well. It makes a lot of sense to research up and coming medications to stay on top of the game. In addition, many pharmaceutical companies are producing fewer new drugs now than in the past due to concerns about funding as well as

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5 Pharmaceutical Jobs That Can Lead to Sales Positions

(Just Now) The most commonly thought of role in the pharmaceutical industry is a pharmacist. Professionals in this role are qualified to prepare and dispense medicinal drugs. Pharmacists hold a doctor of pharmacy degree and must have two years of specific undergraduate college studies, followed by four years of professional pharmacy study.

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A Closer Look at Pharmaceutical Sales in the Age of

(8 days ago) New drugs take an average of 10 years to get to market, and cost upwards of $2.6 billion in research and development, according to 2016 report in the Journal of Health Economics. Researchers found that $1.4 billion of the total cost is spent on laboratory use, clinical trial expenses, and manufacturing. Lawmakers largely dispute these figures.

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5 Skills that Seamlessly Transition from Pharmacist to

(1 days ago) Explain what steps you took to help them understand the purpose of specific drugs and the differences between alternatives and adapted to their learning styles. Communication Skills. Being able to effectively communicate with clients and team members is a top skill medical sales recruiters look for.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

(7 days ago) Browse Pharmaceutical, Sales, Salary + Bonus, Salary + Commission, Salary + Commission + Bonus, Salary Only jobs from top companies with openings across all experience levels. MedReps offers exclusive job opportunities across the United States

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Be Part of the Positive Changes Happening in

(9 days ago) He hopes to grow by developing drugs as well as focusing on reducing the time and cost of the drug development process. If you’re up for an even faster-paced career than normal pharmaceutical sales jobs, a startup is the place for you. Because startups are small and developing, you’ll be a key driving force for their success. 4.

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5 Pharmaceutical Companies to Watch in 2017 Medical

(9 days ago) Here are five pharmaceutical companies to watch in 2017: Click here for Infographic. Agios Pharmaceuticals. David Schenkein, CEO of Agios Pharmaceuticals, abruptly left his position as a hematologist at the prestigious Tufts Medical Center in the early 2000’s to focus on the biotech industry and actually make the drugs that he once prescribed.

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