Drug-Free Workplace Training

WebA drug-free workplace is where employees are prohibited from using or possessing drugs and alcohol in some form. These policies help create a safe and productive work …

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Drug Testing Certification Classes

(5 days ago) WebA drug screening can reveal whether a potential employee uses drugs that may affect their performance, and employers can use them to find out if employees might have a reason …

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A Guide To Drug & Alcohol Collection Training Courses

(2 days ago) WebSubstance abuse can have a significant, negative impact on a workplace due to a whole gamut of consequences from poor work, drug-related negligence leading to accidents, …

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Drug Testing Certification Classes

(7 days ago) WebSome professional drivers consume alcohol or drugs and go to work under the influence, putting everyone at risk. To screen out these types of operators, the DOT has instituted …

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Drug Free Workplace Training Courses: Finally Available Online

(2 days ago) WebWhile most business owners already know the dangers and inefficiencies that drug use by employees can bring into the workplace, it’s not enough to lay out a “no drugs” policy …

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Drug And Alcohol Collection Training Should Be Done Right

(8 days ago) WebIt’s already against the law for any American to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Doing so and getting caught by the police often result in criminal …

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Hair Collector Training Is A Great Opportunity In Drug Testing …

(1 days ago) WebDifferent drugs leave different metabolites, but metabolites leave the body through various ways, such as urine or the bloodstream, within days or weeks after drug use. Those …

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3 Reasons Drug Testing Should Be Left To Professionals

(5 days ago) WebWithout professional drug screening services, companies may learn the hard way that when people are being tested for drugs, they are not always honest. Once there is the …

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Non-DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training Course

(Just Now) WebNon-DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training is a 2-hour comprehensive online course covering the rules & regulations of instant and pre-employment drug testing. Successful …

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Test The New, Better Way With Hair Collector Training

(3 days ago) WebDifferent drugs create different metabolites, which is why a biological sample can be tested for many different types of drugs, as different “panels” detect different metabolites. …

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(7 days ago) WebThis course will help supervisors of DOT regulated employees recognize the signs, symptoms and performance indicators of drug abuse and alcohol misuse in the …

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Becoming A Designated Employer Representative: A Detailed Guide

(3 days ago) WebThe DER is also responsible for monitoring the company’s compliance with DOT’s regulations on drug and alcohol use. He or she will also supervise or conduct the …

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How To Be A Certified DOT Drug Test Collector

(6 days ago) WebWhat It Takes. People who want to know how to be a certified DOT drug test collector need to find a school or other organization that provides certified training. While it is possible to …

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Why Should Supervisors Get Drug & Alcohol Training

(2 days ago) WebIt’s worse, however, if impaired reflexes while using equipment result in the injury, or even death, of a client, customer, or another bystander, leaving a company open to a …

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Drug Testing Technician or specimen collector

(2 days ago) WebThe drug testing technician is the first critical step in the drug test chain. Drug testing cannot occur without a viable sample, whether that is breath, urine, or even hair, and it is …

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(8 days ago) WebThis course will help supervisors of DOT regulated employees recognize the signs, symptoms and performance indicators of drug abuse and alcohol misuse in the …

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(Just Now) Webto properly confront an employee or co-worker that may be impaired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol; to objectively document reasonable suspicion; UNDERSTANDING …

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Learn To Test The More Convenient Way With Hair Collection

(2 days ago) WebWhen a biological sample is tested for drugs, in most cases, the presence of the drug itself is not being looked for. Marijuana and other narcotics only remain in the body for a few …

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Drug-Free Workplace Training

(3 days ago) WebDrug-Free Workplace Our attorney-made training courses are essential for any organization or individual who wants to participate in a workplace free of illegal substances.

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