The hunt for drugs for mild COVID: scientists seek to treat those at

Although ACTIV-6 tests repurposed drugs, Feldmann and his colleagues think a new type of antiviral could treat mild COVID-19. Most viruses need sugar molecules to take on their 3D …

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Drugs, their targets and the nature and number of drug targets

(Just Now) What constitutes a drug target? Imming and colleagues consider this question, and by classifying known drug substances on the basis of the discussed principles, provide an estimation of the …

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15 drugs being tested to treat COVID-19 and how they would …

(Just Now) Ivermectin. Ivermectin is a lipophilic macrolide usually used as a broad-spectrum anti-parasitic drug that also affects many invertebrates. In parasites, it acts by binding glutamate-gated

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Top companies and drugs by sales in 2021

(Just Now) In 2021, governments and healthcare systems spent US$36.9 billion on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine Comirnaty (tozinameran), making it the best-selling drug of the year and catapulting …

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Drugs, money and misleading evidence

(Just Now) Drugs, money and misleading evidence. It’s time to take trials out of the hands of pharmaceutical makers, argues the latest in a long line of books on corruption and the pharmaceutical industry

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2020 FDA drug approvals

(Just Now) The FDA approved 53 novel drugs in 2020, the second highest count in over 20 years. Despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19, the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research …

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COVID antibody drugs have saved lives — so why aren’t they

(Just Now) Drugs made from antibodies are huge money-makers for some conditions — but they have gained little traction in infectious diseases, including COVID.

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Prodrugs: design and clinical applications

(9 days ago) About 5–7% of drugs approved worldwide can be classified as prodrugs, and the implementation of a prodrug approach in the early stages of drug discovery is a growing trend. To illustrate the

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Targeting RNA structures with small molecules Nature Reviews …

(Just Now) RNA adopts 3D structures that confer varied functional roles in human biology and dysfunction in disease. Approaches to therapeutically target RNA structures with small molecules are being

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Common cardiac medications potently inhibit ACE2 binding to

(Just Now) These drugs also inhibit ACE2 binding to the Original RBD, as well as to RBD proteins containing the β [E484K], Mink [Y453F] and α/β/γ [N501Y] mutations. As hypothesized, we also found that

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2021 FDA approvals

(Just Now) The FDA approved 50 novel drugs in 2021, including the first KRAS inhibitor for cancer and the first anti-amyloid antibody for Alzheimer’s disease. Asher Mullard. Credit S.Harris/Springer …

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SARS-CoV-2 potential drugs, drug targets, and biomarkers: a

(Just Now) COVID-19 is a global pandemic impacting the daily living of millions. As variants of the virus evolve, a complete comprehension of the disease and drug targets becomes a decisive duty. …

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Regulatory pathways and drugs associated with ferroptosis in …

(Just Now) Erastin induces cell death through the RAS–RAF–MEK pathway in some tumor cells expressing ferroptosis activating mutations [ 147 ]. In addition, Erastin strongly enhances the effect of wild

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Trends in peptide drug discovery Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

(Just Now) Abstract. Since the introduction of insulin almost a century ago, more than 80 peptide drugs have reached the market for a wide range of diseases, including diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis

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Antibody drug conjugate: the “biological missile” for

(Just Now) Antibody–drug conjugate (ADC) is typically composed of a monoclonal antibody (mAbs) covalently attached to a cytotoxic drug via a chemical linker. It combines both the advantages …

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Trends in innovative drug development in China

(Just Now) Trends for new drugs from 2010–2020. The number of first IND applications has increased dramatically. First IND applications for a total of 1,636 innovative drugs were submitted from …

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ortho-Quinone drugs go pro Nature Chemistry

(Just Now) ortho -Quinone drugs go pro. ortho. -Quinone drugs go pro. Antibody-mediated delivery of therapeutics has been primarily limited to agents containing amine, alcohol or thiol functional …

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Repurposing drugs to treat cardiovascular disease in the era of

(Just Now) Drugs can be repurposed for new therapeutic indications. In this Review, Mercola and colleagues summarize the latest techniques for systematic drug repurposing and re-engineering, which …

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Systematic analysis of drug-associated myocarditis reported in the

(Just Now) While multiple pharmacological drugs have been associated with myocarditis, temporal trends and overall mortality have not been reported. Here we report the spectrum and main features …

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Establishment and assessment of rodent models of medication …

(Just Now) Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ) is an adverse side effect of antiresorptive and antiangiogenic medications widely used to treat bone metastasis and osteoporosis 1.The …

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Immunoprognostic model of lung adenocarcinoma and screening …

(Just Now) Among them, 48 drugs with P-value < 0.05 and enrichment score < 0 were considered as potential drugs to inhibit the expression of high-risk genes. Table 1 lists the results of the top …

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The India Hypertension Control Initiative–early outcomes in 26

(Just Now) The unique attributes of India’s health care system which might have influenced the outcomes include procurement of generic drugs by the government procurement agencies at a very low …

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