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1 Illicit Drug Use in the United States

(5 days ago) The use of illegal drugs has been a long-standing problem in American society, a problem that has taken on a particular urgency in the last 30 years. In the …

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New drugs for NASH

(1 days ago) Therefore, effective drugs are urgently needed for the treatment of NASH. Drug development targeting pathological pathways in NASH have exploded in the past decade, with numerous …

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Narrow therapeutic index drugs: a clinical pharmacological

(3 days ago) For most drugs, this range is wide enough, and the maximum plasma concentration of the drug (C max) and the area under the plasma concentration–time curve …

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Drug-induced anaemias

(9 days ago) An alleric mechanism is sometimes responsible for drug-induced aplastic anemia. There may be individual variations in ability to metabolize a drug. Treatment of drug-induced aplastic …

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Drug glucuronidation in humans

(Just Now) Glucuronidation is a major metabolic pathway for a large number of drugs in humans. Conjugation of drugs and other chemicals with glucuronic acid is catalyzed by the multigene …

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Antiplatelet Medications

(5 days ago) Over time, numerous antiplatelet agents have been developed with a multitude of indications. Antiplatelet medications divide into oral and parenteral agents, and oral agents subdivide further based on the mechanism …

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Antihypertensive Medications

(5 days ago) Recommendations are for all patients with stage 2 HTN to start antihypertensive medications to lower BP to a target lower than 130/80 even if the 10-year ASCVD risk is less than 10%. In patients with chronic kidney disease, …

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Antiarrhythmic Medications

(5 days ago) The antiarrhythmic medications have typically been categorized according to the Vaughan-Williams (VW) classification system. The system classifies the medications according to the primary mechanism of action …

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(5 days ago) Sympathomimetic drugs form a classification of medication used to manage and treat cardiovascular pathology, hypersensitivity, COPD, and glaucoma. This activity reviews the indications, action, and contraindications …

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Heart failure drug treatment: the fantastic four

(3 days ago) Thus, in clinical practice, patients without contraindications appear to gain most benefit from combined treatment with the ‘fantastic four’: an ARNI, a beta-blocker, an MRA, …

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Drugs associated with systemic sclerosis: An updated list of …

(1 days ago) Anticancer drugs were the most represented drug class, accounting for 16/38 (42%) of DASSc and 317/509 (62.3%) of ICSRs, which occurred mostly in the first years after the introduction …

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Harms and benefits associated with psychoactive drugs: findings …

(3 days ago) Illicit drugs are only used by a minority of the world’s population, with between 3.5% and 5.7% having used an illicit substance at least once (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, …

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Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

(5 days ago) Indications. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are a drug class FDA-approved for use as antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic agents. These effects make NSAIDs useful for treating muscle pain, …

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Development of New Therapeutic Drugs and Biologics for Rare …

(4 days ago) According to one study of the 50 largest pharmaceutical firms, about one in six new drugs that entered clinical testing eventually received approval for marketing, but this rate varied widely …

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Oral Hypoglycemic Medications

(5 days ago) FDA-approved indications for the use of oral hypoglycemic drugs primarily focus on type 2 diabetes mellitus.. Non-FDA approved indications of oral hypoglycemic drugs, such as metformin, are for the prevention of type 2 …

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Orphan Drug Approval Laws

(5 days ago) Orphan drugs, or those that treat rare diseases, are referred to as such because prior development efforts may have been abandoned or "orphaned" due to a lack of funding or interest in drug development.[1] The act …

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RNA Drugs and RNA Targets for Small Molecules: Principles, …

(3 days ago) RNA drugs administered intravenously need to be protected against excessive degradation by serum RNases and overcome the cell membrane barriers to gain access to intracellular …

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Neuropharmacology of Antiepileptic Drugs

(3 days ago) Epilepsy is the tendency to have recurrent seizures unprovoked by systemic or acute neurologic insults. (Slide 2) Antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are those which decrease the frequency and/or severity of seizures in people with epilepsy. …

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