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Drugs New York Post

(9 days ago) Sheriff arrested for alleged drugs, weapon possession: report. December 4, 2022 | 12:22am. Sheriff Jimmy Stephens, who represents Johnson County in the northwest corner of the state, …

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Blame lockdowns for drug shortage, credit Walker for conceding …

(3 days ago) Many drugs — especially for kids — have suddenly “become hard to come by,” a problem made “much worse” by “ham-handed interventions” during the pandemic, rails Reason’s J.D. Tucille.

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Arkansas sheriff Jimmy Stephens arrested for drugs, weapon …

(9 days ago) December 4, 2022 12:22am. Updated. Sheriff Jimmy Stephens of Johnson County Arkansas was arrested on Saturday for drug and weapons possession. Johnson County Sheriff's Office. He …

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US faces shortages of antibiotics, flu drugs amid 'tripledemic'

(1 days ago) US faces shortages of children’s antibiotics and flu drugs amid ‘tripledemic’. America is facing a shortage of four key medications used for common illnesses in children as virus season

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School resource officer makes drug bust while greeting students

(4 days ago) School Resource Officer Josh Alexander found 7.6 ounces of what is believed to be fentanyl, nine ounces of marijuana, a loaded handgun, and over $4,000 cash. Franklin County Sheriff's …

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California teen found dead experimented with drugs before …

(1 days ago) The aunt of Trinity Backus — the 16-year-old missing girl found dead in Northern California last week — said the teen had taken drugs and began acting strangely before running away. …

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Secret emoji 'slang' teens use to make drug deals revealed

(7 days ago) Secret emoji ‘slang’ teens are using to make drug deals revealed. The Drug Enforcement Agency has released a chart showing the emojis teens are texting to order drugs on social media. …

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Ten Los Angeles middle schoolers overdose on mystery drug: LAFD

(3 days ago) Ten Los Angeles middle schoolers likely overdosed on what authorities believe were cannabis edibles during class Thursday morning, officials said. The students, all between the ages of 12 …

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Alzheimer's breakthrough could be 'beginning of the end': drug …

(5 days ago) A revolutionary new Alzheimer’s drug named lecanemab could mark a major breakthrough in the decades-long battle against the neurological disorder, according to eye-opening Phase 3 …

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Fentanyl found stuffed in coconuts in Mexican truck

(2 days ago) This drug bust was coco-nuts! Police in Mexico found 660 pounds of fentanyl stuffed into coconuts and presumably headed to the US, authorities said. Photos from the office of …

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NYPD fired fatal shot in Inwood drug sting confrontation: sources

(5 days ago) The strike force recovered two guns and cocaine, said one source. Another source noted two kilos of white powder had been found and was being tested to determine if it was cocaine or …

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Pretzel maker arrested for selling drugs out of drive-thru

(9 days ago) An ex-con owner of a Pennsylvania pretzel shop was arrested Thursday for allegedly selling prescription drugs through his store’s drive-through window. Brian Schlagel, the 45-year-old …

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The real ‘Cocaine Bear’ story: Behind the ‘coke-fueled rampage for …

(8 days ago) The drugs had been dropped by a high-flying smuggler, who perished after his parachute failed to open. All told, the pillaged cache reportedly contained 88 pounds of nose candy worth a cool …

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Mike Tyson on psychedelic drug trials: 'I'll be a guinea pig'

(6 days ago) Tyson revealed he tried 5-MeO-DMT — also known as the “god molecule on a “dare” several years ago when he was 100 pounds overweight and hooked on drugs and alcohol.

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Should psychedelics be legal

(8 days ago) At the same time, some totally legal drugs are a lot more dangerous, Garcia-Romeu said. “Alcohol kills an estimated 3 million people worldwide annually, and tobacco accounts for …

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Denzel Washington's 'Equalizer 3' caterers busted for drugs

(7 days ago) Two caterers working on the production of "The Equalizer 3" starring Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning in Italy were arrested on drug-dealing charges after local police raided their …

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New Alzheimer's drug lecanemab slows disease: study

(Just Now) A new drug can slow the insidious impact of Alzheimer’s disease, a major clinical trial has found. Patients taking the drug, known as lecanemab, showed a 27% decrease in cognitive decline

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Two women arrested for smuggling cocaine in hair extensions

(Just Now) Two women were arrested in Colombia Thursday for attempting to smuggle cocaine in their hair extensions, the Colombian Ministry of Defense said. The ladies, who used the extensions to …

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Thai monks in rehab after testing positive for meth

(2 days ago) Four Buddhist monks in Thailand have been shipped off to rehab after they all tested positive for meth. The holy men — including the temple’s abbot, or head monk — failed the drug tests in

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Loose syringes, dropped drugs hurting pets in NYC's Tompkins …

(1 days ago) Dogs have been poked with needles and have found drugs in Tompkins Square Park. The park has always had a reputation as being rough around the edges, with isolated cases of poked …

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Woman busted at JFK trying to smuggle 28 pounds of cocaine in

(Just Now) A woman was busted at JFK Airport trying to smuggle 28 pounds of cocaine — inside the tires of her wheelchair, authorities said Monday. Federal agents suspected something was off with …

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Anne Heche wasn't high at time of deadly crash: autopsy

(4 days ago) Anne Heche suffered second-degree burns on 12 percent of her body when she crashed — but the troubled actress wasn’t high on drugs when she plowed her car into a Los Angeles home. …

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‘Liver King’ ripped after leaked email claims $11K a month steroid …

(8 days ago) The Liver King has found fame preaching ancestral living. The email, allegedly from Brian Johnson, said he used $11,000 worth of performance-enhancing drugs a month. “Hopefully …

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Conor McGregor responds to Joe Rogan PED accusations

(3 days ago) Conor McGregor fired back at Joe Rogan in a since-deleted tweet after the UFC analyst seemingly implied that the fighter has been using performance-enhancing drugs to bulk up …

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The sad final days of 'Fame' star-turned-'recluse' Irene Cara

(8 days ago) Cara’s neighbors in Largo, Fla. — where the hit ’80s singer-songwriter-actress died Nov. 25 at age 63 — said she lived like a hermit in recent years and guarded her privacy obsessively

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Hilary Duff reveals how she coped with 'horrifying' eating disorder

(6 days ago) Years ago, the star revealed she battled an eating disorder as the show ended, weighing a measly 98 pounds when she was 17 years old. Duff, who stands at 5 feet, 2 inches tall, …

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Crypto CEO Caroline Ellison tweeted about 'regular amphetamine …

(6 days ago) Disgraced Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison talked about “regular amphetamine use” in an April 2021 Twitter thread — more than one year before the FTX-linked crypto hedge fund …

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