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I am not addicted to any substances, but I am extremely fascinated by drugs and have huge bucket list. I abuse my prescribed pregabalin once a week ( i Don’t take them normally just …

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So, how exactly does one "get" drugs

(1 days ago) 1.) It all happens through networking. You know people who use drugs, you ask them where to get drugs. If you're tight with them they'll probably help you out. 2.) No, don't ever ask random …

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Drugs that mellow you out

(3 days ago) Small to medium amounts of xanax. 4. Fukleesin • 8 yr. ago. Clonazepam as well but sometimes it would make me feel groggy after I wake up from taking them. 1. YaBoii_NoBark • 8 yr. ago. …

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What makes a drug a hard drug in your opinion

(3 days ago) There’s absolutely propaganda surrounding drugs - idk why you’re making this ab the homeless, other than to prove your stance. The “war on drugs” is entirely propaganda, the constant …

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Ultimate Guide To Drug Dealing : r/Drugs

(8 days ago) The intention to sell drugs is to make money, not to get people "hooked". Addiction is a consequence of their lack of self-control and chemistry. However, if a dealer is a human being …

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A subreddit to talk about buying prescription drugs online, via the

(4 days ago) About Community. This subreddit is intended for discussion about the risks, legalities and concerns about buying prescription drugs online Not intended for transactions. However, links …

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Rare, Obsolete or Hard-To-Find Drugs

(8 days ago) A place where you can discuss obscure drugs! This includes prescription medications, street drugs or anything else with recreational potential that is uncommon or hard to find. …

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Need help settling a stimulating argument : r/Drugs

(9 days ago) Need help settling a stimulating argument. It's a long story but my (now ex) boyfriend and I were sitting in his car at McDonald's and the police showed up (apparently being in your car for 15 …

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nothing beats oxycodone : r/Drugs

(1 days ago) Feel free to join us on Discord! This Discord is focused on harm reduction and drug support, but you can just come hang out too! Did you know r/Drugs has a wiki full of useful information? …

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What would be the easiest drug to make

(6 days ago) 1. Alcohol is probably the easiest and cheapest to make yourself. Mushrooms can also be made with household items. Depends if you mean synthesis or extraction. Extracting mescaline from …

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All Drugs Should be Legal : r/Drugs

(3 days ago) for the entirety of america's golden age from the 50's-70's meant the attitudes around drugs were cemented. because of how drugs being illegal, and brown people being bad coinicided with …

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Classic coke comedown : r/Drugs

(9 days ago) Classic coke comedown. I left this group to try to keep drugs off my mind. But I’m back rn bc I’m coming down from coke and I feel like I need some company. Will deff delete this later lol. I …

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Opinion on drugs

(3 days ago) Drugs like meth and heroin I still consider to be ‘bad,’ but that’s mostly from a physiological perspective. I don’t personally know the mental appeal of those substances, but based on my …

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DAB: Beautiful Photographs of Beautiful Drugs

(3 days ago) × Welcome to r/drugsarebeautiful, where the drugs are plentiful and also plenty beautiful! × PLEASE NOTE: FOR OUR COMMUNITY TO CONTINUE THRIVING AS A QUALITY & …

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(6 days ago) You only have one brain. ( ‘I Don’t Know Who I Am Without It’: The Truth About Long-Term Antidepressant Use Antidepressants ( HRE: Remember, …

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All Drugs Should Be Legalized. : r/unpopularopinion

(8 days ago) All Drugs Should Be Legalized. End the failed “war on drugs”. Provide outlets for safe use and education on the effects of all drugs. Legalize all drugs and then tax them. Thus, ending the …

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Is it normal to take lots of drugs and alcohol at weddings

(Just Now) Drugs - maybe in some circles but I've never heard or seen of it. To me this is not common occurance at all. Alcohol - yes it's a party/celebration so of course some people will consume …

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What kind of drug would someone be using super glue for

(4 days ago) So my boyfriend asked me to get him 2 oz of super glue today. I asked him what it was for and he said it was used to make drugs. He wouldn't tell me what or how, but I was able to convince …

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The Drugs Spreadsheet: For All Your Pharmaceutical Needs

(1 days ago) Shadowrun (video game) Strategy video game Role-playing video game Gaming. And here you guys go. I made this while making a new character on r/shadownet, and was using a lot of …

Category:  Health Go Now Prescription Drug Information, Interactions & Side …

(2 days ago) is the most popular, comprehensive and up-to-date source of drug information online. Providing free, peer-reviewed, accurate and independent data on more than 24,000 …

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Drugs- classy if ur rich trashy if ur poor : r/BlackPeopleTwitter

(2 days ago) Drugs are drugs man sure, but almost any drug is classier than meth, don’t have to be rich just don’t pick a drug that looks grody to do (relatively speaking) no one buys the Great Value …

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What are some good ideas for fantasy drugs

(8 days ago) Name: Faerie's Wing (also called 'Wing' in the street) Basic effect: Makes you feel happy, carefree, joyful, light as air. Magical Effect: It has the effect of the "Featherfall" spell However, …

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Is it drugs or psychosis

(8 days ago) 2 subscribers in the Bipolarexes community. Former SO's to people battling Bipolar Disorder. Tell your stories and spread awareness and knowledge…

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Any anime that are about/involve drugs

(5 days ago) In the source novel for Welcome to the N.H.K., the MC gets addicted to cheap knock-off cocain and frequently hallucinates in his room, and ends up having a fist fight with his best friend over …

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