Systemic Therapies Breast Cancer Treatment

WebAll are used as treatment for metastatic breast cancer, the drug slows or stops the growth of cancer cells that are present in the body. Other anti-HER2 drugs that patients take orally …

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Chemotherapy for liver cancer patients

(9 days ago) WebChemotherapy is the treatment of cancer with drugs that can destroy or slow the growth of cancer cells. The goals of chemotherapy treatment are to control the cancer, keep it from …

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Rogel Cancer Center University of Michigan

(4 days ago) WebRogel researchers receive $4M through Prostate Cancer Foundation’s inaugural TACTICAL awards program. Principal investigator Arul Chinnaiyan, M.D., Ph.D., will lead a $4 …

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Preparing Your IV Chemotherapy

(9 days ago) WebIt might seem like a lot of waiting when you come to the Rogel Cancer Center for infusion, but there is good reason. Pharmacists and technicians have important roles in preparing …

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Pharmacokinetics University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center

(6 days ago) WebPharmacokinetics Team Helps Advance Discovery Service Highlights Access to state-of-the-art instrumentation for bioanalysis and MS imaging operated by highly-trained …

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Patients and Families University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center

(5 days ago) WebThis section of the site offers information for patients and their families related to disease, treatment, support services, clinical trials, patient and visitor information and much more.

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Chemotherapy Drugs Can Harm Cancer Care Workers

(4 days ago) WebChemotherapy drugs are lifesaving to cancer patients, but these toxic drugs are hazardous to the health care workers who come into contact with them. Despite the risks, many …

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Research explains limits of cancer immunotherapy drugs

(8 days ago) WebThey applied epigenetic drugs and found that the numbers of T cells in the tumor increased. They also saw that the epigenetic drugs synergized the anti-tumor effect of PD-L1 …

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Most Wanted Supplements

(9 days ago) WebSuspect: Fish Oil. Charge: Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acid, which helps the body absorb nutrients and fend off inflammation. Some studies indicate that omega-3s may prevent …

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Chemotherapy drugs are often hazardous to cancer nurses

(9 days ago) WebNurses donned two pairs of chemotherapy-rated gloves in 40% of the incidents. They wore a respirator, such as an N95 mask, in 30% of cases, and eye protection 20% of the time. …

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Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment Options University of …

(7 days ago) WebThrough ongoing research at cancer centers across the nation, including at the Rogel Cancer Center, we’ve learned how to teach the immune system to fight the disease. …

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What are Clinical Trials

(4 days ago) WebNew cancer drugs or treatments must go through a series of 3 phases of clinical trials: Phase 1: researchers find out whether the experimental drug or treatment is safe for …

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Michigan Drug Discovery Invests in New Cancer Drugs

(5 days ago) WebDiFeo received a $7,500 grant from Michigan Drug Discovery for her initial work on a high-throughput screen at the Center for Chemical Genomics. The goal is to find an inhibitor …

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Cancer and Anxiety Medications Thrive, Fall 2018 Pharmacist's

(9 days ago) WebAnxiety is a common and understandable experience for cancer patients. Your oncology provider, primary care physician or a psychiatric provider could prescribe anxiety …

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Health Care Professionals

(9 days ago) WebFollowing are descriptions of the health care professionals you may encounter at the U-M Rogel Cancer Center When treating children, such as at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, …

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Researchers Studying Whether an Anti-Rejection Drug Is Effective

(6 days ago) WebMany modern cancer drugs target a specific genetic mutation that is driving a particular cancer’s runaway growth and division -- such as the HER-2 protein in some breast …

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The Prescription: Feeling Better

(9 days ago) WebWe often think of pharmacists as the people behind the counter who dispense the medication we need, but this is only one part of the role of a pharmacist in cancer care. …

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