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Illegal Drugs News -- ScienceDaily

(9 days ago) WebRead the latest medical research on illegal drugs and controlled substances. Find out about the effect on the body, addiction risks, possible medicinal uses and more.

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Scientists boost the potential of new cancer-fighting drugs

(2 days ago) WebScientists at Scripps Research have uncovered a critical feature that a promising new class of cancer drugs, known as CELMoDs, needs to be effective. CELMoDs are designed to …

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AI tailors artificial DNA for future drug development -- ScienceDaily

(2 days ago) WebThe technology can contribute to the development and production of vaccines, drugs for severe diseases, as well as alternative food proteins much faster and at significantly …

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Using drugs for different diseases than initially intended for

(2 days ago) WebDate: November 29, 2016. Source: University of Southern Denmark. Summary: One drug, one disease. This is how we traditionally think about pharmaceutical drugs, but many of …

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Pharmaceuticals News -- ScienceDaily

(6 days ago) WebOct. 28, 2022 — A new article explores the importance of using multiple data types in drug discovery. The paper screens over 1,000 drugs tested in six doses and demonstrates …

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Drugs Found To Protect The Kidneys -- ScienceDaily

(2 days ago) WebNIH-National Institute Of Diabetes And Digestive And Kidney Diseases. (2000, October 16). Drugs Found To Protect The Kidneys. ScienceDaily. Retrieved November 21, 2022 from …

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New ALS 'drug' is more effective than existing ones

(2 days ago) WebNew preclinical research on the experimental drug, NU-9, to treat ALS shows it is more effective than existing FDA-approved drugs for the disease. More importantly, NU-9 has …

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A new kind of chemo: Researchers identify a new class of drugs …

(2 days ago) WebClogging a protein's active site is a straightforward way to take it offline. That's why the active site is often the first place drug designers look when designing new drugs, Reich …

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Pharmacology News -- ScienceDaily

(3 days ago) WebDiscovery Could Lead to New Drugs to Block Protein That Fuels Bowel Cancer. Nov. 23, 2022 — Scientists have revealed the inner workings of a key protein involved in a wide …

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Drug effects of ketamine in mice can depend on the sex of the …

(2 days ago) WebResearchers have shown that mice respond more to the antidepressant effects of the drug ketamine when administered by men and not by women. The group demonstrated that a …

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Repurposing existing drugs to fight new COVID-19 variants

(2 days ago) WebChen and his team discovered one novel candidate, IMD-0354, a drug that passed phase I clinical trials for the treatment of atopic dermatitis. A group in Korea later observed that it …

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Illicit drugs are used by one in ten intensive cardiac care unit

(2 days ago) WebOf those using drugs, 28% took more than one type of drug. Multiple drug use was associated with a higher incidence of major adverse events than single drug use, with an …

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Spending on illicit drugs in US nears $150 billion annually

(2 days ago) WebSpending on cannabis, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine by Americans reached nearly $150 billion in 2016, with a large proportion of spending coming from the small share of …

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Old drugs offer new ways of treating bowel cancer -- ScienceDaily

(2 days ago) WebStudies in the labs at the University of Auckland have shown strong promise for two older drugs. One is an anticancer drug called axitinib. The other is pyrvinium, a low-cost drug …

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Analyzing diverse data types can accelerate drug discovery

(2 days ago) WebA new article explores the importance of using multiple data types in drug discovery. The paper screens over 1,000 drugs tested in six doses and demonstrates that gene …

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Two popular diabetes drugs outperformed others in large clinical …

(2 days ago) WebIn a large clinical trial that directly compared four drugs commonly used to treat type 2 diabetes, researchers found that insulin glargine and liraglutide performed the best of …

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Addiction News -- ScienceDaily

(5 days ago) WebRead current medical research articles on drug addition including nicotine, prescription drugs and illegal drugs. Find out about addiction treatment.

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Discovery could lead to new drugs to block protein that fuels …

(2 days ago) WebScientists have revealed the inner workings of a key protein involved in a wide range of cellular processes -- potentially paving the way for better and less toxic cancer drugs. …

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Old drugs hint at new ways to beat chronic pain

(2 days ago) Web(2022, August 31). Old drugs hint at new ways to beat chronic pain: A newly identified link between chronic pain and lung cancer in mice offers hope for pain management. …

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Robotic drug capsule can deliver drugs to gut -- ScienceDaily

(2 days ago) WebA new drug capsule can help large proteins such as insulin and small-molecule drugs be absorbed in the digestive tract. The capsule has a robotic cap that spins and tunnels …

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