Biogen Stock: Alzheimer’s Drug, Hope Is Not Enough (NASDAQ

Only 16 of the 253 drugs approved under the accelerated program have been withdrawn. FDA approval was the key to a potential bonanza for Biogen. The point is …

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Why Are The Costs Of Prescription Medications Rising

(3 days ago) Developing new drugs is a long and expensive process that usually takes about 12 years, from preclinical testing to final approval. Only between 10 and …

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TFF Pharmaceuticals: Innovative Drug Reformulation

(1 days ago) Source. There are two clinical stage drugs here. TFF Vori, which is an inhalable version of voriconazole for the treatment of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis (IPA), …

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NASH Drugs: A Comprehensive Review Of Current Clinical

(9 days ago) NASH has no FDA-approved therapy and could represent a $35 billion market by 2025, prompting many biotechs to race for the approval of the first NASH-targeted drugs.

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Moderna Aims To Revolutionize Modern Medicine With A New

(5 days ago) moderna had the largest IPO in biotech history. mRNA drugs may bring about a paradigm-shift in modern medicine. Stock market Insights & financial analysis, including free earnings call …

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The First Deuterated Drug Arrives (NYSE:TEVA) Seeking Alpha

(Just Now) For drugs, the key is that many of them are metabolized and destroyed when they hit they liver, and this is often done through breaking a C-H bond. …

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Novartis: Drug Pipeline And New Drug Applications (NYSE

(9 days ago) Novartis plans to file 9 New Drug Applications (NDA) for existing drugs and new molecular entities in 2013. We estimate that the new drugs will generate aggregate revenues of …

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ADHD Check-Up: Which Future Medications Have The Greatest

(8 days ago) Supernus is a solid company that is worth holding for many reasons, but the potential of this pair of drugs (and particularly SPN-812) seems to be largely ignored by a market that is focused on

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Are Expensive Biotech Drugs Bad For Business

(5 days ago) Summary. A huge number of expensive drugs in the pipeline. Gilead powers on with $50,000 - $80,000 Hepatitis C treatments. Dendreon files for bankruptcy when …

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ViroPharma: A Tale of Two Drugs (NASDAQ:SHPG) Seeking Alpha

(Just Now) ViroPharma (VPHM) is a relatively small biotech with two drugs on the market. Stock market Insights & financial analysis, including free earnings call transcripts, investment ideas and ETF & …

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Eli Lilly (LLY) Stock: A Strong Buying

(9 days ago) The product portfolio consists of nine blockbuster drugs, each generating more than $1 billion in revenues and three more on the horizon. Undervalued Dividend Challenger offers a …

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Gilead Sciences' Move Into Cancer Drugs (NASDAQ:GILD

(9 days ago) Little noticed Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD), the world's largest maker of HIV drugs, has spent $1.2 billion in the past two years to buy up developers of blood cancer drugs.Treatment for

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Roche (RHHBY): One Of The Best Pharma Stocks You Can Buy

(8 days ago) Roche is a giant among pharmaceutical companies and carries a stellar balance sheet. Newer drugs, including those in oncology, now represent over half of Roche's pharmaceutical sales.

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An Investor's Look At The New Drugs Of 2018 And Their

(4 days ago) Summary. In 2018, the FDA approved 59 new drugs, up from the 46 in 2017, setting a new record. Among the approvals, 19 drugs have novel mechanisms of action, 14 breakthrough therapies, 34 orphan

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Merck COVID-19 pill among antivirals WHO-led program plans

(1 days ago) The program plans to enable poorer nations to access about 1B tests and purchase drugs to treat up to 120M patients globally out of 200M new cases estimated for the next 12 months.

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3 Pharmaceutical Companies Awaiting FDA Approval, Part II

(7 days ago) Of the three drugs discussed, Raptor is the only one which might face some trouble given the gastrointestinal side effects associated with it, especially …

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CBO: Drug pricing bill could stymie pharma, biotech R&D

(8 days ago) A CBO paper issued in 2019 found that the proposed legislation, H.R. 3, would reduce global revenue for new drugs by 19 percent, leading to about 8 fewer drugs introduced to …

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EPO Pills: A Challenge For Amgen And Johnson & Johnson

(6 days ago) EPO pills are a new technology currently in development. Their mechanism of action is entirely different from the one used by Amgen and Johnson & …

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