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@The_Bear_Slayer @knights80 Qelbree - Most prescriptions are free samples and for 15 days . Started with 25,000 free samples and they continue dumping more samples.. They can do so since they are not a scheduled drug. They have moved most of their existing sales force to Qelbree and is national. Corium is doing it very methodically- Slow and steady win the race..

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AAREYDRUGS.NSE Aarey Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. — Stock

(4 days ago) Aarey Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. NSE Updated Dec 3, 2021 10:30 AM AAREYDRUGS.NSE 37.55 2.20 (6.22%). Watch

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KILITCH.NSE Kilitch Drugs (India) Ltd. — Stock Price and

(1 days ago) Kilitch Drugs (India) Ltd. NSE Updated Nov 29, 2021 6:02 AM KILITCH.NSE 152.30 2.80 (1.81%). Watch

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Brandon Reiff (@hugs_for_drugs) Stocktwits

(7 days ago) The latest messages and market ideas from Brandon Reiff (@hugs_for_drugs) on Stocktwits. “The secret to being successful from a trading perspective is to have an indefatigable and an undying and unquenchable thirst for information and knowledge.” Paul Tudor Jones

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Osbsorn Drugs (@osbsorndrugs) Stocktwits

(5 days ago) The latest messages and market ideas from Osbsorn Drugs (@osbsorndrugs) on Stocktwits. The largest community for investors and traders

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NRXP NRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. — Stock Price and

(4 days ago) Real-time trade and investing ideas on NRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NRXP from the largest community of traders and investors.

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Pfizer Head Fake by Stocktwits, Inc. The Stocktwits Blog

(7 days ago) AstraZeneca has several drugs in its pipeline that it believes could be blockbusters, including three drugs to treat ovarian cancer and two to treat thyroid cancer. It also has several other cancer drugs in late stage development as well as treatments for asthma, arthritis, serious infections and …

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SEEL Seelos Therapeutics — Stock Price and Discussion

(4 days ago) SEEL Seelos Therapeutics — Stock Price and Discussion | Stocktwits. Seelos Therapeutics NASDAQ Updated Dec 4, 2021 12:59 AM. SEEL 1.64 0.10 (5.75%) Post-Market 0.04 (2.44%) 27,384. Key Data. 52wk Low 0.92. 52wk High 6.60.

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$NTEC (@intecpharma) Stocktwits

(4 days ago) Intec Pharma is a drug development company, applying its innovative proprietary gastric retention technology to develop improved formulations of drugs.

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william (@willjose) Stocktwits

(9 days ago) @willjose are you on drugs? willjose 12:46 PM @Gregj007 lookt a were we are. if we doge pump we should blow out .025. but .07-.02 will be a safe bet for final bull run

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Why the US Has the Highest Drug Prices in the World

(3 days ago) Prescription drugs are expensive. Whether you’re taking them to recover from an illness or regularly require medication, buying your drugs from a pharmacy can add up. If you have health insurance, your ‘scrips still likely cost you more than they should.

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John Adams (@adaso) Stocktwits

(6 days ago) Most other drugs in development in the CNS space are focused on slowing the progression of the disease, and most neurological diseases are very slowly progressing. With this differentiated approach, we should see a quicker response, and that response should be seen with fewer patients. Whereas most drugs in development have only one

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Aliph (@aliph) Stocktwits

(6 days ago) These drugs are way better than what drugs are in the market. Once it hit the market these will take the space by a storm. Just wait and watch. Now if the drugs dont get approved yeah stock prices will get hammered. But that is the risk you take. RA capital has not sold one share of TG in the last eight months when it went from 17 to 3.50.

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A Trump Comment Is Affecting Prescription Drug Stocks

(9 days ago) Prescription drugs are expensive. Whether you’re buying something to rid you of that awful sinus infection or trying not to die from anaphylactic shock, you’re going to have to pony up if you want your meds.. Many politicians agree that drug prices are way too high for the average American.

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Someone (@papatrick) Stocktwits

(Just Now) There is only 2 drugs in test and 2-73 is way better than the other, even at low dose and on adult patients. Its an FDA approval in 2022 for sure. It means no more dilution, and high probability of AD and PK/PDD approval too eventually! 6. 10.

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How to invest in marijuana

(9 days ago) These prescription drugs use the medicinal properties of cannabis to ease pain without the use of opiates. Now that Donald Trump is president-elect, the pharma industry is doing fairly well on the stock market. This is because a Clinton presidency was associated with fears of increased regulation in terms of drug availability and pricing.

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Tendie Town Rocket (@Rocket_To_Tendie_Town) Stocktwits

(2 days ago) PFE has many many other drugs on the market. Isn't BNTX in the same boat as MRNA, with only one drug on the market? Their website shows the covid vaccine is their only commercial product. Rooms Shows Rankings Earnings Newsletters Shop. Cancel. Log In. Sign Up. DOW 0.00%. S&P 500 0.00%. NASDAQ 0.00%.

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PicknGrin (@PicknGrin) Stocktwits

(2 days ago) The latest messages and market ideas from PicknGrin (@PicknGrin) on Stocktwits. I like to learn about different drugs to turn profits. Much different process than when I was in college.

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Steve (@StevieRay1) Stocktwits

(1 days ago) 25 promising pipeline drugs - Drug Discovery and Development via: Drug Discovery and Development

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Jay Minckler (@Jayminckler) Stocktwits

(2 days ago) Jay Minckler (@Jayminckler) | Stocktwits. Jayminckler 10/4/20, 03:51 PM. @knowledgepower90 um if your child buys some hookers is that your fault? That’s dumb. I’m not even a fan of Biden. Lol. Unfortunately the way this two party system works it’s like voting for tweedle d or tweedle dumb. 1.

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Al Y (@ay8888) Stocktwits

(7 days ago) $NVAX It’s not like the whole world will stop ordering 2 Billion Novavax vaccines and start buying $700 Pfizer pills + $489 HIV/AIDS pill .. a cocktail drugs that

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Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (@Anavex) Stocktwits

(9 days ago) The latest messages and market ideas from Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (@Anavex) on Stocktwits. Anavex Life Sciences Corp. is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of new drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases and cancer.

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Mike (@Coke) Stocktwits

(7 days ago) The latest messages and market ideas from Mike (@Coke) on Stocktwits. PLEASE PLEASE FOLLOW ME, IT GIVES ME VALIDATION. Not. Don't need followers, just here to make $$$$. Quick option scalps using VIX and OPEX to indicate SPY movement. Some stocks. Drugs help take emotion out of my trades. All focus.

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$RXII Investors See Promise In New Drug, Conference by

(Just Now) The largest social network for investors and traders. Get our free app for iOS and Android

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scnolan (@scnolan) Stocktwits

(8 days ago) $ENZC okay just how many researchers are employed by this company. When is phase 3 clinical trials scheduled to start. How is Samsung helping them develop the drugs.

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Six Drug Companies Just Got Busted for Price Fixing

(9 days ago) Teva specializes in selling generic drugs on the U.S. market. The company has yet to make a statement on the allegations, but their stock is currently down by .41%. Heritage, a division of the India-based Emcure Pharmaceuticals, was the alleged “ringleader” of the price-fixing scheme.

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Nick Đinh, Pharm.D. (@nickpd) Stocktwits

(7 days ago) Like anything in life, some drugs, films, or cars are destined to become a classic. We @R8Plus are rarely wrong when it comes to science or trials. Ask VBIV people on how we predict phase 3 there. Let’s recap on Galidesivir’s strong points as the heavyweight contender to beat covid-19 in the ring. 25. 57.

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How can an FDA decision make or break a

(6 days ago) Since there are thousands of drug companies pushing numerous drugs, and the FDA only has the capacity to do so much, companies might have to wait years just for the slight chance of getting a drug through the FDA. When companies do get a drug through …

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Scarliver (@Scarliver) Stocktwits

(Just Now) Rooms Shows Rankings Earnings Newsletters Shop Shows Rankings Earnings Newsletters Shop. Cancel

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Pfizer forget AstraZeneca. Checkout this Irish biotech and

(4 days ago) In a press release, AstraZeneca chairman Leif Johansson said that Pfizer didn’t value AstraZeneca’s drugs and pipeline as much as its corporate tax rate as a U.K.-based company. “Pfizer’s approach throughout its pursuit of AstraZeneca appears to have been fundamentally driven by the corporate financial benefits to its shareholders of

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Bobby (@Freemoney42) Stocktwits

(2 days ago) $SLS Fda approval on 2 drugs at once on $ARDX

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P Sea (@PSea) Stocktwits

(5 days ago) The EU just pulled competing drugs because they haven't been shown to reduce risk. No one has been able to prove it in clinical trials. Prior to the REDUCE-IT trial, no Omega 3 product has been proven to reduce risks. 5. Vascepa was the first drug to prove not only risk reduction but SIGNIFICANT RISK REDUCTION even w/ triglycerides at 135 6.

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A. (@med_tech_gal) Stocktwits

(5 days ago) The latest messages and market ideas from A. (@med_tech_gal) on Stocktwits. Interests: swing trades, Medical devices, oncology drugs & diagnostics.

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Why Does Kaléo Charge $3400 More for an EpiPen

(4 days ago) The companies making these drugs famously charge anywhere from 100 to $600+ just for two auto-injecting epinephrine needles that only deliver around $5-$10 worth of the drug. Kaléo, a small U.S. pharmaceutical company, is trying to shake the epinephrine market by …

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Maximilian Tyshen (@biotech_moose) Stocktwits

(4 days ago) It lists its drugs owned by its subsidiaries: zohydro (Persion), Contrave (Nalproprion), Silenor (PTX), and Treximet (PTX). Now if Currax (ie a Highbridge private company) owns ALL PTX assets except those excluded during ch 11 then why list Sil (not excluded), and Trex (excluded) as subsidiaries?

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Mike A. Nathal MD (@emilpepemil) Stocktwits

(2 days ago) Drugs with accelerated approval can initially be tested in clinical trials that use a surrogate endpoint, or something that is thought to predict clinical benefit. Surrogate endpoints typically require less time, and in the case of a cancer patient, it is much faster to measure a reduction in tumor size, for example, than overall patient survival.

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Timetravelerdos (@Timetravelerdos) Stocktwits

(6 days ago) Sunshine Biopharma's Coronavirus Treatment Anticipated to be Effective Against Delta and the Other Variants of Concern 9:00 am ET August 12, 2021 (Globe Newswire) Print Sunshine Biopharma Inc. (OTC Pink: "SBFM"), a pharmaceutical company focused on the research, development and commercialization of oncology and antiviral drugs today announced

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$IDRA Investors See Another $ISIS by Stocktwits, Inc

(2 days ago) Idera’s is focused on treating autoimmune diseases and genetic lymphomas. But, like Isis, it is developing anti-sense oligonucleotide treatments to combat its target diseases. Idera’s main drug candidate, IMO-8400, mitigates the production of proteins that spread b-cell lymphomas. As with Huntington’s disease and SMA, disadvantageous

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J5 (@Jeritron5100) Stocktwits

(3 days ago) Not many American drugs in trial in Russia. “Our center has already carried out more than 20 clinical trials of Russian, American, German, Korean and other anticonvulsants. A promising American drug is in the phase of clinical trials."

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Canucks) Stocktwits

(8 days ago) These oral drugs are only remedies, they don't prevent the disease. Just think if there's a vaccine for HIV that comes out, would you choose the vaccine over the cocktail drugs? Of course yes. So there's your answer. Both are important but vaccine is still the final answer, even if you have to get a booster shot every year due to the variant.

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