Drugs Science The Guardian

WebCommon drugs could fight obesity and diabetes, say scientists Published: 15 Oct 2022 US shortage of Adderall is due to increased demand, FDA and drug-makers say

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Drugs Society The Guardian

(1 days ago) WebDrugs | Society | The Guardian Drugs December 2022 Artist Nan Goldin on addiction and taking on the Sackler dynasty: ‘I wanted to tell my truth’ Her battle against the billionaires …

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Drugs in literature: a brief history Society The Guardian

(2 days ago) WebAldous Huxley, mescaline. In The Doors of Perception, his famous 1954 book, which inspired Jim Morrison's choice of band name, Huxley recounts at length his experience …

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Why are drugs illegal

(9 days ago) WebSome drugs – such as alcohol, caffeine and nicotine – are legal, whereas others – such as cannabis, cocaine and opium – are not. This has not always been the case. In the 19th …

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The Business of Drugs: inside the economics of America's longest …

(6 days ago) WebThe Business of Drugs, a six-part series Fox hosts on Netflix, takes a clear-eyed approach to the futility of drug enforcement: what are the incentives, economic and personal, that …

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Drugs unlimited: how I created my very own legal high

(4 days ago) WebIn 2009, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction's early warning system discovered 24 new drugs. In 2010, it found another 41; in 2011, another 49; and …

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How will drug legalization affect America's communities of color

(6 days ago) WebNearly 40% of those arrests are for marijuana possession alone, according to federal data from 2018. Black people make up 27% of drug arrests, but only 13% of the country. …

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Here's why there are no 'good' or 'bad' drugs – not even heroin

(7 days ago) Web362. B efore she found heroin, Allison could not get out of bed most mornings. She contemplated suicide. She saw herself as “a shitty lazy person who felt like crap all the …

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Nixon's 'war on drugs' began 40 years ago, and the battle is still

(9 days ago) WebSat 23 Jul 2011 19.07 EDT. F our decades ago, on 17 July 1971, President Richard Nixon declared what has come to be called the "war on drugs". Nixon told Congress that drug …

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Middle-class 'consume more drugs and alcohol' than poorest

(Just Now) WebSarah Marsh. Middle-class people consume more alcohol and illegal drugs than those living below the poverty line, according to a report by a cross-party group of academics and …

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It’s just a first step, but this new Alzheimer’s drug could be a huge

(Just Now) WebWhile scientists continue to debate the role of beta-amyloid, there are many other potential avenues to explore: of the 140-plus drugs in more than 170 ongoing trials in Alzheimer’s …

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Drugs are taken for pleasure – realise this and we can start to …

(Just Now) WebFor "illicit" drugs the choice to use is more complex, as the risk of being caught and getting a criminal record needs to be taken into consideration. Yet up to 50% of young people …

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Disappointment after potential Alzheimer’s drug fails Roche trial

(5 days ago) WebGantenerumab is an antibody therapy designed to bind to clumps of amyloid beta proteins and remove the plaques from the brain. The abnormal protein aggregates are believed to …

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Common drugs could fight obesity and diabetes, say scientists

(8 days ago) WebDrugs chosen as potential obesity treatments include baclofen, a muscle relaxant, and carfilzomib, a medicine used in chemotherapy. In the case of potential diabetes …

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Covid blood-thinner drug treatment dangerous and does not …

(4 days ago) WebProf Charlotte Summers, the chief investigator of the trial, said: “These first findings from Heal-Covid show us that a blood-thinning drug, commonly thought to be a useful …

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Drugs in sport Sport The Guardian

(8 days ago) WebPublished:11 Aug 2021. ‘Reckless fraudster’ Jorge Navarro admits to global racehorse doping scheme. About 3,123 results for Drugs in sport.

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Which top UK politicians have admitted to drug use

(8 days ago) WebFrom Boris Johnson to Lisa Nandy, quite a few senior MPs seem to have dabbled but they now say they regret it. Party drug users are fuelling serious crime, says Sajid Javid. …

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‘Barbaric’ homicides surge in Turks and Caicos amid drug-related

(2 days ago) WebIslands have become a battle ground for warring crime groups seeking to dominate the local drug market A three-year-old boy, his pregnant mother and father are among the latest …

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NHS England to offer ‘potentially life-saving’ drug for aggressive

(6 days ago) WebThe drug – a form of immunotherapy – will be given to women with triple negative breast cancer, for which few treatments currently exist. Triple negative breast cancer patients …

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‘Bring your own syringe’: Malawi’s medical supplies shortage at …

(8 days ago) WebThe Ministry of Health blamed the Central Medical Stores Trust (CMST), which buys hospitals’ supplies. Ministry spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe said: “The central medical …

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