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FAQ about Trane Coils Repair Avocado Ave Drug

Why buy Trane coils?

Trane is a worldwide leader in manufacturing complete heating and cooling systems for commercial and residential applications. Trane produces its own coils, and they are highly-rated for efficiency, quality and durability. When you buy Trane coils for repairs and upgrades, you can be sure of getting the best performance from the system.

Do Trane coils meet AHRI standards?

All Trane OEM and replacement coils meet AHRI standards, and they can be used in water, glycol, steam and direct expansion refrigerant systems. Trane offers a coil application guide that helps us help you locate the right coil for your needs.

Are there any recalls on Trane refrigerant coils?

I was informed Trane was aware of the defective coils manufactured but did not recall or replace expecting homeowners to be stuck with the cost of refrigerant their defective coils leaked out since freon is not under warranty. I would like to be refunded for these expenses since they are due to defective parts.…

What to do if your Trane evaporator coil is dirty?

Contact your local Trane dealer if you suspect your evaporator coil may be dirty or damaged. Remember, never try to clean or replace an evaporator coil yourself; let a professional handle it so you don’t void your warranty.